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Thus, they confirm not knowing of any element that, if communicated, would have modified the consent of the other party

21. Titles

The titles of the clauses of the GCUS are included for information only and must not in any way affect the meaning or the interpretation of the said GCUS. In case that any clause title would disturb the comprehension of the clause itself, it will not be taken into account.

22. Nullity

If one or several stipulations of the present conditions are deemed invalid, or declared such in application of a law, a regulation or after a decision enforced by competent jurisdiction, the other stipulations will maintain all their power and scope.

23. Integrality

No general or specific conditions included in the documents sent or supplied by the parties could be integrated in the present terms and conditions.

24. Proof convention

The acceptance of the terms and conditions by email has the same probative value between parties as the agreement in paper format. Data recorded in the computer systems of the Website will be stored under reasonable safety conditions and considered proof of communications between the parties. Unless it is proven otherwise, this data constitutes proof of all transactions between Intelligent DataSoft LLC and the Member via the Website.

25. Confidentiality

The information transmitted or received by Intelligent DataSoft LLC during the use of the platform is considered confidential by nature and is subject to professional secrecy and shall not be communicated externally, apart from exceptions linked to the provision of the ‘data-processing and liberties’ law.

26. Language

The present service terms sitio de citas de viudos cristianos and conditions, the ethical charter and data-processing and liberties rules were drawn up in English.

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