Welcome to Magnum Enterprise.

Magnum Enterprise is an International Merchant Trading Company established in 2015.
Merchant Trading is a deal in which one product is bought from one foreign country and sold
to another foreign country without involving the home country.
Magnum Enterprise deals in various commodities from food, pharmacy, clothing, usables,
chemicals, clothing, Cosmetics, Instruments, etc.
Having good tie ups and connections around the major business cities and ports around the
world, Magnum Enterprise procure & supply anything under the sun globally.
To ensure speed of transfer and safety of commodities, Magnum Enterprise operates along
the seaways and Airways.
With such a great exposure and penetration in various fields, Chemical distribution and
supply is an area of special interest for Magnum Enterprise.
It provides service in various chemical commodities like
a. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient
b. Finished Pharmaceutical Products
c. Specialty Chemicals
d. Technical grade Agro Chemicals
e. Hazardous Chemicals
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient is the part of any drug that produces the intended effects.
Finished Pharmaceutical Products include commodities such as medicines, tablets,
suspensions, IV fluids, vaccines etc.

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