Dextrose Anhydrous IP,BP, USP

It is produced by redissolving dextrose monohydrate, refining evaporation and recrystallization by seed crystals at elevated temperature.



It is a high purity product with moisture below 1 percent, It has no water molecule in its chemical structure and is a monosaccharide. a simpler sugar than the fructose Cane sugar. It is a simple carbohydrate that is directly absorbed into the blood. It has a glycemic index of 100%. It is a colorless, odourless , white powder that is less  sweet than cane sugar, soluble in alcohol.

Specific Properties

This product has a natural low water content compared to dextrose monohydrate thereby providing superior stability.


It is formulated with vitamins and Minerals and sold in packets or containers or used during convalescent periods of physical stress by patients, athletes and students.  Dextrose Anhydrous is used as a nutritional supplement in infant formula to improve nutrition value and as a sweetener it is used in confectionery.

It is used in tableting and as a raw material in the fermentation industry for bio-chemical synthesis of antibiotics (penicillin, streptomycin etc.) and vitamin C. lt is widely used as a major ingredient in the oral rehydration salt (ORS) segment. Being a natural sugar, it immediately cures a person of dehydration, sugar propamidines. It is used as  Oral Dosage for Pharmaceuticals and/or Nutraceuticals, Swallowable tablet, Chewable tablets, Effervescent tablets and Medicated Confectionary


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