Liquid Glucose (SO2 Free)



Chemically, Liquid Glucose is a mixture of the entire spectrum of carbohydrate molecules derived by breaking the long chain molecules of polysaccharide contained in starch slurry. Liquid Glucose of various DE (Dextrose Equivalent) can be obtained for varied end uses.

Specific Properties

Liquid Glucose contains Maltose hence resistant to crystallization. This unique property makes it the universal doctor for all confectionery products. Viscosity of liquid glucose is the most important physical property which depend on density, Dextrose equivalent & temperature. Liquid Glucose is a clear‘ colourless making it compatible with the physical properties desired in the end products.


Liquid Glucose used in cough syrup and vitamin-based tonics.
It is also used as a base of artificial honey & as a granulating agent for tablet coating.


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