Recommended use: Lixiviant for uranium and nickel. Cyanide destruction in gold mining. Leaching Copper from its ore…read on


Other uses

Manufacture of Fertilizers, Explosives, Battery Acid, Dyes, Drugs, Detergents, Adhesives, Plastics, and Paints, in Electroplating, in Tanning, and in the Purification of Petroleum.

Sulphuric Acid is a highly corrosive extremely strong mineral acid which is colorless to slightly yellow in water.

Sulphuric Acid has a wide range of other industrial applications in the mining and general manufacturing industries. These include:

  • Manufacturing of STP, TTP used in making phosphate based fertilizers
  • Electrolyte in lead-acid batteries
  • Waste water processing in oil, detergent manufacturing plants
  • Water treatment plants – for pH correction
  • Extensive use in platinum and base metal refinery plants.
  • Digestion of wire wool in gold processing plants
  • Electrolyte in nickel refining

In gold processing, loaded wire wool is digested by pouring sulphuric acid over it. The resultant cake formed after dewatering is fluxed before smelting to produce gold.


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