Unicat S 25 (Cationic Starch)

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UniCat S 25 is cationic wet end starch, used in the manufacturing of papers/boards to increase the internal

strength properties as well as the retention of fillers and fines.

Specific Properties

It has a cationic charge attached to it, which improves the internal strength properties of the paper. The electro kinetic attraction promotes a more intimate contact between the anionic cellulosic fibre surfaces and the starch hydroxyls.


UniCat S 25 can be used to increase the retention of fillers and Finers and to improve sheet strength properties at a low cost. It can be used at a level of 2-10 kg per ton of pulp.

UniCat S 25 can be used for emulsification of AKD/ASA under high agitation. Typical solids of UniCat S 25 are in between.



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