Unigel 500 (Food Grade

UniGel 500 is food grade corn pre-gelatinised starch produced from corn under specific process conditions and parameters which comply GMP and FDA product standards.



Pregelatinised Starch is a cold water swelling starch and has a moderate solubility and viscosity. It has been chemically or mechanically processed to rupture all or part of the granules in the presence of water and subsequently dried and modified to render them compressible and flowable in character.

Specific Properties

Cold water swelling starch and has a moderate solubility and viscosity



UniGel 500 can be used in various applications in the food industries. It is mainly used as thicker, stabiliser,moisture retention agent, adjusting texture, etc.

Some of  the end-uses of UniGel 500 are :


Frozen foods

Pasta & Noodles

Instant soups


Instant puddings & Cake-mixes

Ketchups and Baby foods


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