White Dextrine



Dextrin is partially hydrolyzed starch, modified by heating in a dry state , with mineral acids as a catalyst under controlled conditions to achieve the desired level of cold water solubility and color Dextrins differ from starches in their reduced viscosity and appreciable cold water solubility.

Specific Properties

It has reduced viscosity and appreciable cold water solubility.


Adhesives : Dextrins have essential characteristics in coating, binding and adhesive applications for better tack. Their low viscosities allow their use at high concentrations, which result the films with faster tack. Because of this property Dextrins
are used in seam gums for envelopes, bottle labeling adhesives, Remoistening gummed tape, postage stamps, card board
boxes etc.

Textiles: Dextrins form a film and act as sheath for fiber. Thus protecting it from abrasion. White Dextrins are used in Textile 
finishing in order to impart stiffness to certain types of interlining fabrics. The soft pulp paste of Dextrin acts as the best
thickening agent for every type of textile, paper printing, and certain plastic printing using all types of colors and dyestuffs.
The gritless and non-abrasive print paste ensures long life of printing copper rolls which cannot be achieved by using gum
and other adhesives.

Food and Pharmaceutical industry : White dextrin is a carbohydrate Nutrient sources in the preparation of certain antibiotics by fermentation. It is also used in biscuit industry to enhance the shelf life and crispiness. It can be used as an active
ingredient as a food flavour. 

Other industrial Applications : Foundry ( as a core binder to give better green strength, dry tensile strength ). Fire works, Dye stuff and printing, glass fiber industry, insecticides, briquettes paint and distemper etc.


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